The present document provides non-professional teachers and volunteers working with adult education providers and civil society organisations (Lay Teachers) with a set of practical activities and exercises to be applied with migrants and refugees, target beneficiaries of the project.

The Practical Activities have been designed to be applied during face to face training activities with migrants and refugees. The aim of these activities is to help these beneficiaries to achieve the Learning Outcomes included in the LAY TEACHERS Training Guide on Introducing refugees to national languages.

All practical activities include the following elements:

  1. Activity title
  2. Learning objectives
  3. Activity description
  4. Useful resources
  5. Required material
  6. Activity Evaluation

The Practical Activities will facilitate their learning process and will help migrants and refugees to apply knowledge, skills and responsibility and autonomy in order to a solve problem, find a solution or make a demonstration.

During the project implementation the consortium realized that it was difficult to put the face to face practical activities into practice because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Hence the partners has readapted some practical activities to be applied online. This will bring Lay Teachers the opportunity to apply these activities with migrants and refugees by means of a virtual environment.
The Online Practical Activities are provided below in a separate document.